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History of the company

1984- Registration the company with the name of ” Samen Serum institute ” (special shares) in Mashhad city.

1986- Start of executive operations for the construction of the factory.

1991- Obtaining a license to establish the company from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of Khorasan province.

1992- Starting the production of the first series of products (22 products), and obtaining the operating license.

2000- Development of lines for the production of various drugs, and changing the name of the company from serum manufacturing                                                  to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

2002- Establishment and installation of aseptic and biotechnology product line for the first time in Iran.

2003- Setting up a peritoneal dialysis production line as an exclusive product, for the first time in the region.

2005- Obtaining integrated management system certificate. (IMS)

2006- Starting the activity for the production of biotechnology products on a contractual basis.

2008- Production of the company’s first biotechnology product named ” Somatropin”.

2008- Production of the first aquatic reproductive hormone product under the trade name of “Ovafect.”

2008- Investment for the establishment of subsidiary companies including Saman Daro Eighth, distribution of Yara Teb Samen, etc, in order to advance the strategy of vertical integration of the supply chain.

2008- Buying a new BFS machine to increase the production of 500cc bottle product.

2015- Contractual production of recombinant factor VIII as a strategic product.

2017- Revision of all the company’s processes based on the APQC system and the preparation of process IDs.

2018- Development of the production line of biotechnology products by making it possible to produce products up to 15ml.

2019- Localization of the production of the primary packaging of peritoneal dialysis with the aim of reducing currency dependence and starting the construction of the first BFS machine.

2019- The beginning of the optimization process of production halls, equipment and processes to obtain GMP certificate.

2019- Creating a medicine basket for CF patients.

2020- Purchase of a ready-to-use bag production machine to develop the ability to produce bag products for domestic consumption and export.

2020- Establishing Samen Health Campus with Science and Technology Park in line with the realization of resistance economy and corporate vision (progressive, pushy, and self-reliant)

2020- Purchase of BFS machine with new technology to produce serum and bottle in order to increase production.

2021- Modification of production lines, development and improvement of clean rooms.

2022-Setting up a serum production machine with the number of 50,000 units per day.

2021- Setting up 3 phases of clean room and operation of all lines and establishment of knowledge-based companies in Salamat Samen campus.
2021- Entering the field of animal medicine production.

2021- Association with the private sector to set un Niksam pharma factory to produce various eye drop.

2021- Purchase of shares and cooperation with Soba fanavaran yekta and Aronzist.