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The factory complex includes different buildings and departments such as


In order to monitor and control drug quality, Samen pharmaceutical laboratories utilize experienced personnel with accurate and sensitive equipment and by adhering to latest international drug manufacturing standards and regulations of Ministry of Health, as well as fulfilling all the GMP principles and requirements of the 1S0:9001:2015 standard, the company guarantees high quality of all its pharmaceutical products. All the raw material and the final products of the company are analyzed in the chemistry, microbiology, and pharmacology laboratories in compliance with the world’s valid drug pharmacopoeia.

By research and innovation of new drug formulations, laboratory has been able to introduce and offer new drug productions annually and could take a big step towards reaching higher goals and increase of society health.

Water generation unit

The most important element in making injection productions technology is pure water.

After the water is extracted from wells and stored, then it’s exposed to repeated treatments and after the potential chlorine absorption its mineral is taken by resins So that the relative purity is the result. At this point, after distillation and in order to prevent microbial growth in the storage tanks at a temperature of about 95 C and proper circulation, it is maintained and prepared for injectable solutions.

Solution generation unit

The solution generation unit is designed in a way that prevents the permeation of any pollution into the production process and the solution is done till it’s reached the desired density in a close system and with computer planning (microprocessor). At this phase the first and the second filtration is done and all the suspended particles are taken along with the potential microbes, therefore the solution is prepared for the next phase.

Product filling unit

Selection of machinery and production lines equipment, computer services, and other technical systems of factory is done according to the most advanced technology available in the world and by observing the desired principles and conditions (GMP) by the project’s technical team. The production method is based on advanced techniques of simultaneous bottle production, filling and sealing (Blow-fill-seal) which is done

in a device in less than 27 seconds. For quality assurance of the produced bottles regarding the insurance of the bottles in terms of lacking any probable pore, Leak detection devices that are compliant with the latest technology is used. Bag producing devices with the ability to produce in volumes of 50 to 5000 ml is also used in this company. Fully automatic device producing distilled water ampoule based on blow-fill-seal and capacity of 8000 ampoule production per hour is among other equipment which is being exploited in this company

Autoclave sterilization unit

Accuracy in selecting the Polymer used, makes it possible for the productions to resist well during sterilization in the 121 ◦ C and for 20 minutes so that, it conforms to the adoption of international standard.

Packaging unit

Packaging is the stage after sterilization. The main packaging raw material required by the factory is Polypropylene copolymer, which was imported at the early days of exploitation but it began to prepare domestically after exploiting the Arak factory and the extensive efforts of the research unit of Samen Company.

At this stage the injectable solutions as the final product will undergo eye control, non-leakage test, and other physical controls to be prepared for labeling and final packaging. After the final packaging. the product is placed in isolated storage. Qualitative and quantitative testing of the product is conducted by specialized and equipped laboratories and then the license of issuing to the consumer market is released. So that a product would be available in the network of medical and treatment services in compliance with international quality standard.

R&D Samen Pharmaceutical Company

Samen pharmaceutical company has always been responsible to the increasing demands of the country’s drug market in order to procure more effective drugs, but with more appropriate competitive price.

According to this intellectual practice and by adopting an open-door policy the research unit was founded since the early years in order to collect the new domestic or foreign ideas which can direct the development and new productions. The complexity and pace of new findings in Iran and the world’s drug industry and strategic management formed in Samen pharmaceutical company which is responsible for the following missions:

  • Research in order to produce new products
  • Offering optimal drug formulas for the existing products, according to the new components of effective, excipient materials, etc.
  • Optimizing and designing packaging of the productions in terms of volume, appearance, kind of material packaging, and aesthetic.
  • Pre-clinical and clinical trial studies

Samen Pharmaceutical Company hopes to offer new drug productions to the medical society of the country by serious and continuous efforts of its research and development unit. Besides producing the current variety of productions, this company has provided required equipment and technical knowledge in order to produce industrial productions such as innovative antimicrobial drugs, new analgesic and antipyretic dosage forms, anticancer drugs, innovative solutions of peritoneal hemodialysis and dialysis, and anesthetic drugs complex products in biotechnology such as human recombinant peptides, and factor VIII. Certainly Samen Pharmaceutical Company will achieve this in a new future by exploiting the support of its entire expert staff.